Brow Threading at Woodland Hills Mall: What to Know


Source: MorgueFile.

It might be the latest trend in the United States, but eyebrow threading has been around in the Middle East for hundreds of years. Many women find it preferable to waxing because the process does not include chemicals or heat and is extremely precise.

How does it work? The artist ties a length of cotton thread into a ring. She then twists it several times in the middle and holds it between the thumb and forefinger of each hand. By manipulating the twists, she captures individual hairs in them and removes them with a quick tug.

Before you book an appointment, you should ask about the experience, training, and licensing of the brow artist. American esthetician schools do not yet offer coursework in brow threading, so make certain your artist has sufficient training. Here are a few other things to keep in mind:

  • Tell your esthetician exactly what you want.
  • Expect some minor irritation.
  • Avoid creams and makeup for at least two hours until pores close.
  • Repeat every two weeks.
  • Don’t use a brow razor between appointments.

You can find services close to our new apartments near Woodland Hills Mall. Tell us about your experience with eyebrow threading on our Facebook page.

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